Name: JustinJustin Justin_1

Age: 20

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Biggest Fear: Bears.

How I started playing kendama: I picked up kendama when my cousin gifted me one for Christmas one year. Once I started getting the cups down I was immediately hooked.

What I love about kendama:  I think kendama is a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination and express yourself through a creative outlet. It’s great to have a skill toy that rewards kids through the clacking sound and progression rather than the electronic sounds of video games. Since I am also a professional slackliner, kendama is a great way to get that same feeling of progression I get when I’m not on the line.

Favorite Tricks: I am all about the tricks that require you to move your whole body. The behind the backs, twists, etc. I’m also loving the taps and juggles to lighthouse lately.

Other Hobbies: Besides kendama I am an avid slackliner and skier!